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Turn a special moment, or a favorite image into a hand painted piece of art.  Paintings capture the emotions and feelings of our favorite moments in a fine art keepsake that can be handed down through generations.  Quality materials are used, so the  canvas and paints last throughout the years. 


The paintings are done in my own modern impressionism style, capturing the colors, light, and life of your moment.  If you would like a different style, we can make arrangements to meet your preferences.  Clients can customize their painting, and opt in or out of including all the features / people of their image.  An in depth discussion will verify all preferences, and prices.  

couple 6a.jpeg
Couple 6b.jpg
couple 1a.jpeg

Costs Per Canvas Size

12x18  - $1,000

18x24  - $1,500

24x30  - $2,000

24x36  - $2,500

30x40  - $3,000

36x36 - $3,500

36x48 - $4,000

48x48 - $4,500

Larger Canvas Sizes can be available upon request, and are subject to availability.   

Shipping Costs are not included, and vary based on location.  


Thanks! We will get back to you shortly.​

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