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Add a touch of elegance to your event with live painting.  Live paintings capture the emotions and feelings of that special day in a fine art keepsake that can be handed down through generations.  Quality materials are used, so the  canvas and paints last throughout the years. 

The paintings are done in my own modern impressionism style, capturing the colors, light, and life of your event.  The level of detail will vary, depending on preferences, but mostly on time constraints.  If you would like more detail than the time allotted can provide we can make arrangements to finish it in the Studio.  Clients can customize the scenes they would like to reflect in their painting, and opt in or out of including all the features / people of their event.  An in depth discussion will verify all preferences, and prices before the event. 

Packages include a live painting of your event, on the canvas size of your choice (below), travel costs up to 60 miles, (additional costs applied after 60 miles)  The painter comes in with all the supplies needed, brushes, paints, easels, lights, and completes the painting while you and your guests enjoy the ceremony or event.  


Costs Per Canvas Size

12x18  - $2,000

18x24  - $2,500

24x30  - $3,000

24x36  - $3,500

30x40  - $4,000

Larger Canvas Sizes can be available upon request, and are subject to availability.  

Larger Canvas Sizes may be effected by time constraints

Set Up time, Time to Paint, and Time to Clean Up directly impacts the level of detail and quality of all paintings. 


Contact the Studio to for Availability

Non-Refundable Deposit to hold the date - $500

Includes travel costs up to 60 miles, (additional 1$/mile applied after)


Thanks! We will get back to you shortly.

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